My medium is thread—a genre that crisscrosses the globe with a potent network of political, historical, social, gendered, and metaphorical meanings. Intensely research-based, my studio practice harnesses the nuances of this humble, yet poetically charged medium. Using hand construction techniques and cutting-edge digital weaving technology, my work hugs the edges of traditional practice, simultaneously upholding age-old custom and unraveling long held stereotypes.

Line of SighsLine of SighsDeborah Valoma, Femininity IIDeborah Valoma, LongingDeborah Valoma, Longing (detail)Deborah Valoma, FemininityDeborah Valoma, Femininity I (detail)Deborah Valoma, ObsessionMoving MeasureDeborah Valoma, Pebble DropDeborah Valoma, The SurgeDeborah Valoma, RenateDeborah Valoma, Twelve TearsDeborah Valoma, Cunning Comes in TroubleDeborah Valoma, Cunning Comes in Trouble (detail)Deborah Valoma, Torose 15 & 16Deborah Valoma, Torose 15 & 16 (detail)Deborah Valoma, DesireDeborah Valoma, Desire (detail)Deborah Valoma, EuropaDeborah Valoma, Europa (detail)Deborah Valoma, ObligoDeborah Valoma, Torose 11Deborah Valoma, Torose 11 (detail)Deborah Valoma, Loom Envy IDeborah Valoma, Loom Envy I (detail)Deborah Valoma, Veil TriptychDeborah Valoma, Medea (a veil as though burning)Deborah Valoma, Medea (detail)Deborah Valoma, Yael (a mantle laid down)Deborah Valoma, Yael (detail)Deborah Valoma, Some SpiderDeborah Valoma, Some Spider (detail)Deborah Valoma, Father OssuaryDeborah Valoma, Father Ossuary (detail)