Deborah Valoma's early studio practice explored the sculptural possibilities of cloth constructed around the armature of the body. In recent years she has returned to this strategy in a new arena—the stage. Her work exploits the volatile, kinesthetic properties of cloth to energize the visual impact of dancers’ movements, expand the three-dimensional contours of their bodies, and geometrically map their movements through space. Experimental or traditional, these costumes are heavily researched, employing historic models and cross-cultural philosophies of color and materiality as modes of meaning.
Aro YemayaAro YemayaMakutáManos de Mujeres a la ObraManos de Mujeres a la ObraFestejos CaribeñosEl DíscipuloLa Clavé ReinaValoma's TangoReturn to OrienteSan Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival BrochureTracesTracesAfter RainA Piece of White ClothAfter RainA Piece of White ClothA Piece of White ClothA Piece of White ClothMoment in Thebes